Sacramento Kings Facts That You’ve Never Heard

Sacramento Kings Facts

The Kings were founded in Sacramento in 1948. The team has had a long and successful history in the NBA, winning a championship in 1951. The Kings have also made it to the playoffs numerous times, and have produced some of the league’s best players. However, the team has struggled in recent years, and is currently in the process of rebuilding.

The NBA’s Sacramento Kings were originally known as the Rochester Royals. The franchise was founded in 1945 in Rochester, New York. The team played its home games at the Rochester War Memorial. The Royals were one of the original eight NBA franchises. In 1951, the Royals moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and became the Cincinnati Royals. In 1957, the team relocated to Kansas City, Missouri and became the Kansas City-Omaha Kings. In 1972, the team moved to Sacramento, California and became the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings are one of the NBA’s original teams. The Kings were founded in 1945 as the Rochester Royals. In 1951, the team moved to Cincinnati. In 1957, the team moved to Kansas City. In 1972, the team moved to Sacramento. The Kings have made one NBA Finals appearance, in 1951.

The Kings have had a number of different home arenas over the years. The first was ARCO Arena, which they played in from 1988 to 2003. In 2003, they moved to Sleep Train Arena, which they played in until 2016. In 2016, they moved back to ARCO Arena, which is now known as Golden 1 Center.

The Sacramento Kings are a team that is currently owned by Vivek Ranadive. The Kings made national headlines in 2013 when the team was sold to Ranadive and he became the first Indian-born owner of a major American sports franchise. The Kings have had a turbulent history in terms of their on-court success, but Ranadive has been aggressive in trying to improve the team. He brought in head coach Dave Joerger and made several moves in the offseason to try and improve the roster. The Kings will be looking to make a return to the playoffs this season under Joerger’s guidance.

In 1972, the team moved to Kansas City and was renamed the Kings. The franchise struggled in their new home, however, and they were eventually moved to Sacramento in 1985. The Kings have been one of the most successful teams in the NBA over the past decade, making it to the playoffs eight times since 2004.

The Kings have had 17 different head coaches in their 49-year history. George Karl is the current head coach, and he is in his first season with the team. The Kings have had 5 different head coaches in the last 5 seasons.


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